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I had just checked on my kids before going to bed, kissed them goodnight, and I was hugging Logan's ashes that sit beside my bed- as I do each night. Telling him how much I love him, that he's my best friend, and to never leave me. I went into the bathroom to get a tissue, and look out the window, up at the stars, as I tend to do before bed. Thinking about Logan, looking up at the stars, and thinking to him "how cool would it be if you sent me a shooting star Logan". Less than a minute after I was thinking this, I kid you not, I saw a star shoot by directly over our house, from front to back, lasting a couple seconds in a small section of the sky. Never in my life had I seen a shooting star before, and the timing of seeing this one was not any coincidence, as I don't believe in coincidences. It was exactly what my husband also experienced months back, as he sat on the couch in our playroom one night, feeling sad, thinking about Logan. Just after he said in his head "are you still with me Logan" he too saw a shooting star shoot across the sky. 







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