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JELLO Playdough


1. Place all ingredients into a saucepan, mix well until combined- I let my kids do this step, but I help with the measuring.

(Glitter is optional, but my kids always choose glitter)

2. Cook mixture over medium heat, mixing continuously, until it begins to thicken. A dough ball should be formed. 

3. Remove pan from heat and dump the hot dough ball onto a rubber play mat, or silpat cooking mat to let it cool. I flatten the dough ball out so it cools faster. 

4. Hand it over to your kids and let them play, using cookie cutters, rolling pins, spatulas, muffin pans, sheet pans, and play make-believe bakery! 

5. Store playdough in small containers, in the refrigerator to prevent them from going bad on you. Too many times we tried storing it in ziploc bags, out of the fridge, and they always go bad after about a week. 

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