1. Make your Borax solution by mixing 1 teaspoon Borax powder into 1 cup of hot water- mix well until the powder is dissolved.

2. In a large bowl, add your 1/2 cup white glue, 1/2 cup shaving cream (must be cream, not gel- it makes it Fluffy), 1/2 cup foaming hand soap, and mix until combined. It should resemble fluffy marshmallow Fluff. 

3. Add in 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to your glue mixture- you can use baby powder if you don't have cornstarch. This helps the slime hold it's shape. 

4. Add in a few pumps of hand lotion, any kind works- I like to use one with a nice scent. The lotion helps make the slime stretchier, so I definitely recommend it! 

5. Add about 4 drops of food coloring of your choice, I like neon colors for slime, it makes it extra fun, and mesmerizing- for me at least. I wouldn't use excessive food coloring or it can transfer onto your hands, your kids hands, and anything else it touches. Make sure the color is thoroughly mixed in before moving to the last step.

6. Lastly, add in some of your borax solution, by 3 teaspoons at a time. Don't add too much of this solution or your slime will turn into rubbery slime that snaps into pieces, not fun to play with! Just add intervals of 3 teaspoons until you reach a nice fluffy slime texture you can work with your hands. 

7. Once you have reached the desired fluffy slime texture, work your slime with a little more lotion, until it's nice and stretchy. 

8. I store the fluffy slime in small plastic containers, we even made a ton of it for my oldest daughter's economics fair last year where she sold out right away! A definite kid favorite! 

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