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Hey Kriszti. I am not sure if this is worthy sharing with you or not, but I hope it will at least bring a smile to your face.

Last night I had a weird dream with Logan.

I do not remember that much because it owas so long and detailed, I woke up in a haze.

Here is what I can recall.


I was upset. Logan appears (obviously an apparition of him - ghost, spirit, whatever you want to call it). I can vividly remember his smile, his signature hair, and the fact that he looked healthy. We did a few things together, i don't remember exactly what, but I do remember giving him a piggy back ride as he was laughing hysterically.

Friends would come, I would call out Logan's name, and he would appear to their amusement.

I never wanted him to leave, but when he did, he always came back. He kept reassuring me of something before he left, but I cannot remember. I am sorry for that.


I cannot puzzle together anything significant from this other than the possibility that Logan is with you. And I'm sure he wants you to know that he is not gone. You will see him again 

Have a great day!


Hi Kriszti, I saw this and thought of you. I know from my own cancer journey that people don't understand. And they don't know the difference between helping you feel better and making themselves feel better. Cancer and death make people want to turn away and pretend it never happened.


But it did. Thank you for continuing to let me know your three beautiful children. I think about you and Logan every day.


I also wanted to tell you: shorty after Logan passed, I was lost. I can't explain why he has affected me so deeply, but he has and probably always will. One night, I couldn't stop crying and had called out to my grandparents and asked to be shown that he was okay. My grandparents have been gone for a number of years now, I know they are at peace. I knew if anyone would help me, it was them.


I dreamt that night that they found him. My grandfather was young and healthy and swinging Logan around in a warm, sunny field. They were laughing and smiling. My grandmother had lemonade waiting on the porch for them. Everyone was so happy. I knew they didn't know each other in this world, but that didn't matter there... it was just a place of love and happiness for everyone. I would imagine it was a glimpse of Heaven.


It was the first time I had dreamt of my grandparents in a very long time. I also never dream so clearly; I feel when I get those clear dreams that maybe it is from somewhere else. I just wanted to share.  

"I had a dream that had Logan in it. I couldn't see him but I could hear him. I was in a forest of trees and he was directing me out by his voice. He was with 2 other young boys his age. "


I don't personally know of any little boys Logan's age in our family that passed away, but I can think of several other little boys who also passed from DIPG who were Logan's age...and can't help but believe he's made some angel friends.

"So I had a weird dream last night and I wanted to share before I forgot it.  I think hearing of the little girl Katherine's passing put Logan on my mind more than usual last night- so I think it was more that... And I can't remember all of it because it was jumping around... It started with Chris and I coming over to see you and playing with Khloe and Aria and ended with Logan sitting outside in our front yard.  I went outside and he put his arms out for me to pick him up, which I did.  He was in swim trunks.  Then I hugged him hard and kissed his cheeks and told him I love him.  He told me he loved me too.  I told him you know mommy's going to be ok and he said I know.  Then he asked if he could play with Alba and I woke up... "

What made this even more strange is that I was at the gas station getting gas, when I got her message and read it. Immediately after I finished reading it, the song "I'll be watching you" came on over the gas station radio. Talk about coincidence, but again there's no such thing as coincidence. ️

Logan said all the healthy food you fed him was yummy and gave him energy. I had a dream last night and i remember it quickly switched to a very short segment of logan drinking soup broths and veggies and then having energy.

It was very real to me in a kitchen and he skipped away after.

Logan's never far from my mind and I'm not just saying that. I swear that kids watching over me. I debated telling you this, hope it doesn't upset you.

We tried for yrs to have our 2nd. baby. In the process I had a horrific miscarriage. I lost a baby at home on the floor of my bathroom & although I went thru the hospital stuff I was devastated & felt no closure and a real loss. 

In 4/ 2010 my dad unexpectedly died. In 6/2010, I collapsed & had my 1st. brain surgery where I almost died. During that time I started dreaming of my dad & a little girl with dark curly hair always with him. She's popped up in my dreams many times & last night Logan was with her. We were in a very bright room I didn't recognize. They were sitting on this light colored carpet but I don't have carpet, no idea where this dream took place.

Logan was sitting in blue pants with his legs slung back and white socks, no shoes. He had a collared shirt on. She was in a dark dress. I remember some of it plain as day and it's a little scary. It was a quick dream but... I walked in a room and they both act like I was bothering their fun. I said "Logan thanks for the oil, I'm going to live now." He looks up & with huge eyes he starts trying to explain to me using his hands. He talked so fast it was like he was trying to explain but was so excited I could only make out bits and pieces. It seemed like he had a speech impediment but I'm not sure what that's about. He was definitely comfortable like he had made himself at home.


I've sat here about 2 hrs trying to compose how I even say this to you. Logan has come to me 3x since my birthday. I'm legally blind but I know it's him.


My husband stood up with me each night but said not to tell you about it because it's just dreams. Do you want to know? I'm not sure what to do.


Let me just tell you this so I can get it off my chest. Logan is determined I tell you, HE KNOWS MOM. I couldn't understand him but he wants me to tell you he knows about the jewelry!?!? He kept saying He knows! He said you keep asking every single day. He said there's something buried in the yard.

Is there a blue couch somewhere. Blue gap boys shirt, logo. Blue pants, not jeans, those lounge around the house pants.


Jewelry has his name on it. I'm blind but it's clear in my dream. With a very "by the way" attitude. He tells me Aria is his best friend and that's ok. I guess meaning it's ok because she's his sister or a girl. He cracks me up. It's him, The 1st. Night I had no idea what he was saying, he was very hard to understand but he was determined. As you say I was able to understand him more by the 2nd & 3rd time. Logan will have his answer, you know. Now maybe he'll let me sleep. Lol.  I'm laughing and crying at the same time. In his words "HE KNOWS!!! "


Oh...Was Logan ever in a white collared shirt and socks? The 1st. Night that's what he was in. Next 2 times it was this blue lounge outfit but not at 1st.. Now, this will sound bizarre but I have to ask. Does anyone have "connected" toes? Like they grew together or something?!? I have no idea what that's about but I'm just a messenger! Lol

This part was shocking to me because NO ONE knows this except our immediate family, I never shared it with anyone else. But "connected toes" or "webbed toes" run in my husband's family (a lot of strange things do lol). Both my husband and his Dad have this anomaly with 2 toes on either one or both of their feet. When each of our kids were born, the first thing I jokingly said was "quick check their toes!". Khloe and Logan do not have this, but Aria does, on one of her feet 2 toes are connected about 1/2 way. The only person that would know this to even bring it up is Logan, because he always pointed out her connected toes. For someone to randomly know this, there is no other explanation but Logan.

I want you to know that I dreamt of Logan last night, he had grown a little older though as though he had wanted you to see him grow, he was 13, tall, slender, handsome, and had his same hairdo, and he was showing me that he was so proud of himself because he had dressed himself lol and I was standing next to you telling you what I saw as I saw it becauase I was the only one who could see, he kept telling me to tell you he could dress himself now and was showing me his outfit, and kept repeating to tell you he was okay, and always there in the house, it was kind of a silly dream while I was dreaming it but when I woke up I felt that I needed to tell you he said he is okay he promised me he was okay.


This was all made even more strange when the same friend who told me of this dream today, later told me that in church they posted up verse Jeremiah 33:3 ....I keep seeing 3s repeating. But even more strange is that verse 33:3 is the only bible verse I had saved as one of my tattoo ideas that I wanted to get eventually. 


Jeremiah 33:3 states "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know"


After reading her message I went to the store. When I got in the car to drive home I glanced up at the clock and it said 4:44, looked up 444 later that day wondering what it could mean since I've only seen 3:33 before this, never 4:44


444 is a sign that your angels are with you. It’s a call to pay attention and to become aware of the many signs and signals illustrating that there are indeed angels in your presence.

The angel number 444 is a powerful sign to receive from the angels. It not only means you’re in the presence of angels, but that the angelic realms are supporting you, guiding you and assisting you with unconditional love and frequency.

444 is a reminder to listen to your intuition and to listen for the guidance from your angels, as they’re definitely with you and your connection to the angelic realm is quite strong. Your angels are always on hand to offer you support, guidance, healing, and positive energy, but you have to ask!


"Hello ! I hope you don't mind me asking, how did you decide on Logan's middle name ? After you tell me I'll text you back what happened last night maybe you can explain it to me..."


Me- I picked it because it's from the bible, and means happy and blessed️


"Ok well I have never read the bible ( probably should) but for some reason I woke up this morning at 3:14 ... Looked at the clock and said out loud LOGAN BIBLE .... Then because I could not fall asleep I typed on my phone Bible verse 314

Exodus 3:14 is universally recognised as being amongst the greatest interpretive challenges in the Bible. There has been no consensus on the meaning of this verse for at least 2,300 years because the meaning of just four words therein has defied all efforts at being convincingly explained. What makes these four words so intriguing is that one of them is identifiable in its context as a Divine name, and that this one accounts for three of the four under consideration. The four words of which I speak are ehyeh asher ehyeh in the first part of Exodus 3:14 and ehyeh in the second part."


After reading all this, church bells went off down the street, it was 2pm, on a Wednesday. I've never heard them at that time, or day, before. 


From Patrick-

"I woke up at like 330.  Had a dream Logan and your grandma were playing.  Then this morning woke up with the fire and flood song in my head which is weird since I haven't heard it for days. "


I told my Dad about Patrick's dream and he said:


"Well about that dream of Patrick.....that could be, because when I was visiting my mom's and Icanenye 's grave  (my Dad's sister, my Aunt) I asked them, to take care of LOGAN in HEAVEN!?....And they are be there together happy and playing all the time !!!...."

I had a dream that I was in your house last night and there was a door to every room that automatically opened when you stood in front of it (like at grocery stores). Aria was showing me around the house and when we got to your bedroom, your door was the only one that didn't slide open, but when I opened it, Logan was there sitting on the bed watching cartoons. I have no idea what it means, but I'm dreaming of you nonetheless. <3


I feel certain that Logan was with me when I was sculpting his hair and face. Before I started I said, "Logan, show me how to do this for your mom", and it just kind of magically happened. Also, while I was working on all the pieces I brought you I had experiences of seeing movement around my studio out of the corner of my eye with nothing being there when I looked. I like to believe that was Logan as well. I have no doubt he's around you letting you know he's ok and watching over you all ️️

I don't ever share my dreams ever. General because I don't normally remember them. Or because they don't mean anything except I need to not eat so late. Last night I had the craziest dream. Aria.. who was older  scared to do a huge zip line. I  could tell it was her because we'll you and I were both there and we kept saying come on aria you can do it. For some reason I could hear what she was saying. I can't do this. I'm terrified. Why are they making me do this. Can you tell me that. Then out of no where a light flashed in the sun light and their clear as day next to her was logan. He was older though around the age aria was maybe 14 or 15. He was telling her come on sis. I'm right here. I have you. You got this. Just breathe and go. Then aria before go screamed watch this logan. And she went. He smiled and then was gone. When aria landed she ran up to us and said I did it. We both laughed and cheered. Bridget and Khloe were there next to us. Aria looked at you and said did you feel logan mom. He was here I felt him. You just smiled. As I was typing this I looked out the window and their sat a huge beautiful blue Jay and a female cardinal, the Jay shoved the cardinal of the tree. I looked at Jeremy and said did you see that. He said yeah that was weird. I don't ever share stuff because well, I don't want people to think am crazy. But this has been on my mind all day. And seriously had to share. 


Happy birthday to your sweet, sweet boy. I can only imagine both the unspeakable joy and sorrow you must feel, especially on today.  I know that Logan has given you signs that he's okay, that he's there with you, loving you as always. So I had to tell you that I had a dream about him this morning. In my dream, I was visiting your house and out of nowhere there he was. This angel boy I never met let me kiss his cheek and then took my hand and led me around the house. He led me to Aria's room and was just so proud to show me his family. He beamed when he saw Aria and when Khloe walked in the room. Then he showed me a bag that had angel candles in it. I can't even describe what I felt when I woke up, and I hope it doesn't cause you any more pain, but I believe so strongly in things like this. I felt like I had to tell you and that you would want to know.


Also, I had to immediately look up angel candles. If an angel or simple church candle is something you would be interested in, maybe with a candle holder to go with it, I would love to get this for you. Again, I hope it doesn't cause your more pain. I just couldn't get it out of my head. Thinking of you today and always.  to your family.


9/12/16- ​

I know this may sound silly, but do you know of another little boy named Joey (or something very close to Joey) that passed? 

I had a Logan dream two nights ago. It was short, but sweet. 

In it...he was dressed in a very sharp looking suit. He looked a little older but still had that famous Logan hair.

He said to me, my dad is awesome and my mom is amazing. She makes sure I'm never forgotten and she will never stop until a cure is found. I love her so much for that.

Then I looked on his hand and on it was the name joey with two dates. I don't know what they were but before he went running off he said "joey and I are the best of friends!!"

It was a short little dream and it was most definitely Logan. The handwriting on his hand looked like it was drawn on with a pen.



"I had a dream about you today. I visited USA and lived in a little house for a few months. Then at noon the postman ringed and said "I have a package for Logan, Logan Kinkin. I don't know where he lives, could you bring it to him?" And I said 'of course' then I walked to your house and ringed and asked for Logan. You said "unfortunately Logan isn't here anymore, but thank you for bringing the package" then I asked if you could take a picture of Khloe, Aria and me because they jumped around the house. You said of course and took a lot of pictures. I was so happy because I totally love your kids. I couldn't stop hugging them. It was so funny. And then the sun came out and I heard Logan saying "Thank you so much for hugging my sisters, I love to see them happy and can't wait to hug them again."



Dream from my Mom:

I had a dream last night that we went to a hotel, "somewhere?"

The more we walked through the bigger it was.

We came to a room with a pool I reached down to feel the water, it was so warm I wanted to go in.

I looked up & you, Patrick, Khloe, Aria & LOGAN were there!! You were all saying come in grandma its so warm!!

Them our alarm went off & woke me 



Tears momma! I'm so thrilled he came through for you!

I have to tell you, my Brooke had a dream about Logan a few weeks ago and I just hadn't gotten around to telling you until now. Mind you, Brooke has only heard me reference Logan and the type of cancer he had. She told me that she first had a dream about her grandpa ((who passed away on her birthday, Nov 1- All Saints Day of last year, of brain cancer)) she was telling me that she was speaking to grandpa and she went up to heaven to visit him. When Brooke had arrived to Heaven, she was met by Logan who was happy and healthy and definitely not sick, along with our grandpa and she said grandpa looked so much younger! He was playing with our grandpa when they saw Brooke. Grandpa and Logan came over and said hello to Brooke and carried on a whole conversation together . Brooke went on to tell me how cute she thinks Logan is and that he is very nice. Brooke was upset having to leave them to come back home but Logan walked away with our grandpa and then our grandma as well. Logan is surely keeping himself busy with lots of company 



My good friend just shared her incredible dream with me, not only was Logan in it, but something else truly amazing....


"Kriszti. I had a dream last night that I was at a show with a medium. It wasn't Monica, an older woman with grey hair. She put her hands on my back and I felt electric. She said "A boy." After I said the name "Logan" she said "He loves to dance, fancy footwork, welcome to heaven this way" I woke up and found my uncle passed away at 5:30 this morning. I had chills. There is no way that was a coincidence that I dreamt of him last night. She was telling me in my dream, when she said fancy footwork, welcome to heaven this way, she was actually mimicking his moves, like that's how he welcomes people to heaven."


My friend's Uncle had been battling a form of brain cancer (like Logan did), and was also in hospice (as Logan was). Monica had also told me after the event that Logan welcomes other children with cancer into Heaven, but it only makes sense he wouId welcome my friend's uncle as well being as they fought a similar battle. She described Logan exactly in her dream with how he acts! I was reminded of the dream I had of Logan where he told me "you see mom, heaven is just another place, I'm not GONE! I'm LOGAAAAN! Do de da da do de da da!" as he danced his usual dance.


Hey there, hope all is well with you. I've been trying to figure out for the past couple days how to write this. I don't personally know you for Logan, however the other night I had a dream out of nowhere with your precious baby in it. Not sure exactly what the meaning is of the dream yet or why he came to me maybe to tell me to be strong with life in general. He kept playing the Simon and Garfunkel song I am a rock over and over again and kept asking me to tell you to listen to the song. Again not sure what the meaning is or somehow how this will all tie in with life but I needed to let you know.

11/18/16- ​

I had a dream last night where we were holding a ceremony to celebrate the life of children who had died from DIPG. I don't remember much of the dream just that in front of me where pictures of 10 children and as I got to looking at their faces and their names, something came over me and then I saw myself write out "Logan Asher." the first letter of their names spelt out his name. you immediately came to mind as I'm staring at the name. then as I'm standing there in disbelief, I look up, and I see him looking at me smiling. then right after that I woke up.



Dream my brother had

"I can't remember many details,  except that I was somewhere looking at pictures,  seeing you and Logan in them,  but he wasn't the only one gone;  you were,  too.   I think I dreamed that it had been an accident that took you both.  I don't know,  maybe I was gone,  too,  cuz I remember thinking "Michelle is all that's left.". I do remember the picture I was looking at in the dream.  You were in the foreground,  body faced away but head turned and looking back, and Logan was in the background,  running away, but holding onto your hand, pulling you with him."


I have to share a dream that a good friend of mine just shared with me today, about Logan. I got chills reading it because of it's accuracy to who was in the dream, and where it was located.

"Kriszti!! First of all I had the most peaceful sweet dream last night that had Logan in it! In my dream we were in either a vineyard or orchard or some really beautiful place. Looked like it was another country - at least a place I've never seen before - but so beautiful! Logan was running around playing and laughing and smiling and had his poofy yellow vest on. He was so happy and having a great time! Truffle was running around outside and Logan was chasing after him and laughing! Then out of a nearby house an older woman came out and watched him. She was smiling. She was old and had white hair and had a kind face. She called out to him something in a different language that I didn't understand. But somehow Logan understood her perfectly. They interacted like grandmother/grandson (at least that's the feeling I strongly got) and I could tell she loved him very much. He ran over to her and she hugged him and then she looked up and said "he is so happy. he is so loved" and even though she still spoke in a different language I could somehow understand her. That was it. But wanted to let you know that Logan is adored and happy and full of life and Truffle was with him and this grandmotherly lady was looking after him as well. I'm sure he has so many people that love and care for him up there (as well as on Earth!) "


The reason I got chills was because the woman described in my friend's dream was an exact description of my Nagymama, my Dad's mom who passed away in October 2015. She was 93 when she passed away, born and raised in Hungary where she lived all her life, and she is known for her garden. Her garden is where she spent most of her life, growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and any time I visited her there it reminded me of an orchard. It had a little shed nearby where she raised chickens and collected potatoes she grew, and her little house was nearby as well. She only spoke Hungarian, and none of my kids, or my husband, ever met her. Her name is Ilona, which is the middle name I gave to Khloe. Her face, though old, was always the most youthful, innocent, and kind face, her hair white often under a scarf. She was the cutest, little old woman, and even when she was in her 90's I always told her how cute she was to me.


A dream my Mom had last night, of Logan ️️️: 

"I had a dream last night. I came to visit, a surprise visit. You didn't know I was there. Their playroom was downstairs though, instead of upstairs. So, as I walked into the playroom, Khloe, Aria & Logan were playing. I said to Logan, "Logan you're here"! He said Yes! and smiled. I said, "can I have a big hug? I love you & miss you so much!" He gave me a hug & said  "I love you too grandma". I asked him if he ever visits me at the farmhouse. He said yes! In the room with the "funny light", because it's bright.".


1/28/17- ​

I had a dream about Logan. We were in a garden, you were there too. He was laughing and playing. At the end, it was just me and him and he told me "tell my mom I'm still here. And I love her" and I woke up. 


I need to tell you that I had two days dreaming about Logan, and he told me twice tell my mom I'm smiling and playing because she cant see me or hear me and you can.... and he smile at me like an angel (just like the pic i will send to you) don't know why that happened to me, but I knew immediately I had to tell you.... blessings to you and your beautiful family ️

(Attached was the picture of Logan with Khloe, in his yellow vest and blue star wars shirt, in our kitchen the day he went to see Star Wars and I took Khloe and Aria roller skating for a bday party- December 2015)

Just like that... same clothes same smile.... ️️️️

This morning my dog woke me up early to be let out, but I decided not to stay up and went back to bed for a few more minutes of rest. I promptly fell asleep and dreamed that I was visiting your family. This came out of nowhere as we've had out of town guests for several days and I haven't been working, but spending most of my days entertaining our visitors and being preoccupied with that.

In my dream you all were living in a large farmhouse somewhere. I was there helping with the kids...and maybe to attend some kind of workshop that you were having. There was a big kitchen that had 4 steps down to a large room that could've been a living room or playroom or some sort of activity room. Your bedroom was nearby, though I didn't see it, but it was clear that it was morning and you and Patrick were still sleeping. I was in the kitchen with Khloe and Aria and a boy, who's face I couldn't see and who no one was paying any attention to, but in my mind I thought he was a cousin. I went downstairs for something and as I approached the stairs to go back to the kitchen the boy was sitting on the stairs with his head down. As I got closer, about to step on the first step, the boy looked up at me and it was Logan! I said, "Logan, is that you?" and he shook his head yes and smiled really big. Then I said, "your mom is going to be so happy to know you're here" and I took his face in my hands while he laughed. He was so real and happy and his eyes were really alive and shining with love in his laughter. He just smiled and laughed while I touched his face and his hair and told him how glad I was that he was there and how I couldn't wait to tell you that I had seen him.

I truly believe that this was a visitation from Logan. The fact that he was in the kitchen with me, Khloe, and Aria, just hanging around in the periphery but nobody really noticing him, makes me believe that he's always right there, just as you know he is, and that he shows himself to other people so that we can confirm it to you. I feel so honored that I am one of those people and that I can share this with you!

from Others



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