I have to tell you, you have and I’ve never really seen this much before, but both of you have elders in your families just like parked behind you. And there’s comfort that they’re giving both of you, this is unique. They comfort all of us but there’s like a 1/2 circle of a wall, almost like 2 wings of Angels watching over you and patting you, and taking care of the 2 of you, and taking care of your hearts they’re telling me. This is unique I’ve not had this before, taking care of your hearts and also your mind. This is so interesting, they’re talking about a lot of tears getting shed, and they’re here as contindred saints and continued support for the 2 of you as you move on and move through. Okay. Do you want to hear who some of the energies are? 


To Patrick:

Your Dad’s Dad is passed? Your Grandfather? He stands behind you. Was he the patriarch of the family, like kind of ran everything? Because he’s still in charge, just to let you know, he wants you to know that. Is this a German descent, it feels very German- we do this, then we do that, and this is what we do when we do this etc. How is your Dad doing by the way? Your Grandfather is talking about your Dad. Is he always thinking, worrying, wondering, always this wheel turning inside of him? How’s his stomach doing? They’re saying that some of that wheel spinning inside of him may and could have an effect eventually on his stomach, they’re saying, his digestion and all that. He says he watches over the family. Your Grandmother is also passed as well? How is she doing? Because usually if I bring them through and they haven’t yet passed, 7 times out of 10 they aren’t doing so well. Is she mostly in bed or mostly kind of staying in one spot? And frail, lost a lot of weight, and not totally with it? Because that’s what they’re bringing up. And he’s talking about that he will “bring her home soon, bring her home soon”. She almost feels like she’s there already believe it or not, because when they’re not with it up here they usually have this transitional thing that they end up doing prior to their last heartbeat. That they end up transitioning, because there’s no real reason to keep them locked into their mind, when in all reality they could transition over. So, he comes through along with kind of your grandmother at the same time. You have rings of people…do you have a peer of yours that passed away, a friend of yours that passed away? Come on in. Is this a male friend? Come on in. I’m very dizzy when it comes to him, was part of this his responsibility, his passing? Because that’s what he’s bringing up. Did he kill himself by hanging? Because i get a sensation of losing air and not being able to breath. So even if it was gunshot, but it feels like this *grabs his throat* this is what it feels like. They often call themselves a dumb ass when they’ve killed themselves, and when they’ve done that, and he said he watches. Was he humorous this one? But very depressed on the inside. And he’s calling you bro or brother, and looking at you in that way. And said that she’s good for you *points at me*, and it’s good that she keeps you in line. And he says that she’s the mastermind of the whole thing *laughs*, and he’s just laughing, not at you but with you. And just says he’s with you. Okay we’ll get to that in a second. Okay we’ll do that in a second. They have somebody that they want to bring through that’s very important, but told me to get through a lot of this first because we need to have the anchors and then they’ll bring through that energy. I don’t know who it is yet, but they’ll bring it through. They’ll bring through the energy. Okay, alright, wow that’s…it looks upsetting, okay, um oh good tissues are there, good. Nah I can feel it already, that it’s upsetting. 


To me:

You have a female that’s behind you. Your Mom’s Mom has passed? (No. Not yet.) How is she doing? Because usually it’s not so good. Is your Mom, your Mom is still with us, correct? Is she the beat of her own drum your Mom? They’re just doing this, she’s the beat of her own drum, and she’s her own island. Your Dad is still with us correct? But he’s the closest to you. He’s Mom & Dad to you, and is able to do that with you. He’s a good man, he’s a good provider and good man. But your Mom, she’s doing her own thing. 


Your guardian angels and guides are talking about how strong you both are. They’re leading into the other piece they want to give. Are there any other relatives you need to hear from, because they’re pushing this other energy, it’s almost like they’re cradling this other energy. They’re bringing this other energy in together in unison, both sides of the family. 


To Patrick:

*laughs* I’m not laughing at you I’m laughing at your friend who’s saying I know some of these stories I could be telling you right now *laughs*. Remember the time you *laughs* It’s true, and you KNOW it too, that’s the funny thing. *laughs*


They’re bringing through, it’s like a heart shape. Both of your sides of the family, and in the middle there’s this energy that they’re bringing through. That they’re bringing straight on in, and it’s kind of weird, it’s cradled inside of the heart. Like that, like cradled. And they keep on using the word cradled. Did you guys lose a child? Okay wait, they’re giving me information. Because it feels like a child. So you had a child that you lost, that they bring through. Is this a male that you lost? Because I see it wrapped in blue. Um, I’m trying not to cry, because it’s a lot of emotions there. Was this a long haul? Was this a period of time to try to keep the energy going? Because this is, there’s complications and there’s reasons why the energy is not brought forth. There’s complications that’s within it. Was the baby not doing well physiologically? Is that why the baby didn’t come, didn’t thrive? Because that’s what they’re showing. There’s a complication and it not thriving. Because that’s what they’re bringing in first. I guess they’re bringing it in order of what came first second etc. what energy. But they said they have the child and that the energy is okay, and they’re saying you were apologizing (this was directed to me). And they’re saying it’s okay. That they are so sorry you went through that. 


Okay there’s another male. Okay. There’s another male that steps forward. Okay, steps forward actually, that’s interesting. And again, and as you’re eluding to, it feels like another male child that’s lost. This feel like this *snaps fingers*. They’re doing this *snaps fingers* right in front of my face. There’s a quickness to it, it’s almost like he disappears. Gone. Just like this *whoosh* and not there. Um, okay, I’m going to do this, this has happened in other situations and I can hear the child’s voice, or the energy talking. And just saying “I’m okay Mommy, I’m okay Daddy” and hearing the voice talk and just saying “I’m okay Mommy, I’m okay Daddy, I’m alright”. This was a very young age, wasn’t this? Very young. Was this old enough to talk? Because “I’m okay Mommy, I’m okay Daddy” is what I hear him saying”. And his english is very off, like he’s not fully giving me words and all that. These are his words “I got taken soon” is what he says. Is this like 3 years old? (4) Did he just turn 4? (He was about to turn 5) About to turn 5? Okay, they’re just showing me this change over period. And he goes “I didn’t feel, I didn’t really feel anything” he says, and I can hear that in his voice. And it was so quick too, wasn’t it? Was this instant? (No) Because he talks about, almost like he’s being taken before his time obviously, but like they take him so he doesn’t have to feel the intensity of it. (That’s what it felt like when it happened) Yeah it’s kind of like, if this is him it goes like that and they pull the spirit up and they hold onto the energy, so you don’t have to feel that happening, or going through that. This is what he says “it was fun” I guess it’s like a ride to him. He goes “wow that was fun”, you know like that. And he’s just pulled up. He says he misses you a great deal, a lot, but he says “it’s funny” he says “because I get to hear what you’re thinking and feel what you’re feeling on the inside”. And he says “I’m not angry” he says “I’m not upset”. And he talks about being surrounded by love. And that’s part of that heart shape, that’s in the middle, that he’s cradled in between all of the energies that represent the two of you and beyond, and that he’s taken care of. He says “I feel like I’m at home, and I’m alright”. I think the trauma of all of this, on the other side, this is the guardian angels and guides talking, your guardian angels and guides, that on the other side it’s like they keep them in this peaceful state and trying to help them to process what’s happening but they’re almost too young yet, as energies, to really process it in it’s entirety. Like that. 

There’s no intention with it, nothing connected with any intent. But he says “I’m okay” he says “I’m alright”. Was there a birthday that just passed? Because there’s candles being thrown up *throws up 8 fingers* (December 3rd, Khloe turned 8) and there’s a happy birthday going around. He keeps saying “I love you to the moon and back”, he just keeps saying that. He feels like he’s in the stars, or in this just this beautiful, he’s just in heaven, is what he’s saying. 


What do you want to ask him? (Does he still play with his sisters? Is he still around all the time?). He is, it’s more of a watching and observing. One of his sisters, does one of the sisters see him or know that he’s there? (Yes) Because he points that out, and that it’s kind of like a pointing or knowing that he’s there, and a giggling that happens. So there’s a little bit of that that’s happening. She’s aware, she can see that. That will begin to drift off over time. But there’s an awareness that he’s there. (What about dreams? Does he come in dreams?). Absolutely, and in color as well. Was there a power struggle when it came to, okay. I have to ask this. When she’s playing does she like put something aside so he can play with it? (Yes) Because that’s what he’s doing, like “she puts it there, and she lets me play with it”. (Yes, and she does it with food too) Yeah, and he says “I can see that all happening, and I’m right there for it” and he says “and I love her even more”. And he talks about feeling sorry for anything bad that he ever did to her, because you know in this challenging aspect of what happened. But it’s also she puts things aside that she doesn’t exactly want to eat, or doesn’t want, so he’s laughing *laughs*. They all think that it’s cute, and it’s beautiful. 


I have to ask you this, they’re showing me a rabbit. Did he have a rabbit on his pillow or a stuffed rabbit or something along those lines? (A “Hop”? His sister does.) Maybe. Does it sit on the bed like where the pillow is? (Oh, no it’s probably his thing…oh yes! He has one, it’s actually a donkey, and I told him it’s a donkey but he insists it’s a “Hop”, he calls it a “Hop”. You would say it looks like a bunny, because it has long ears, but it’s not, it’s a donkey.) Okay, he still says it’s a rabbit. And he goes “but Mommy, I told you…” *laughs* He’s laughing, he laughing *Armand gets emotional* I’m going to start to cry. He’s laughing…I can hear the sweetness in his voice “because I get to play with you again” because he gets to do it back and forth with you again, and play with you in that way again. (I sleep with that Hop every night) He says “don’t crush it” he says *laughs* he goes “give it air!”. Was he into wetting the toothbrush but not brushing his teeth? (Yes! *laughs* He did that a lot! I would have to ask if he even used any toothpaste.) He’s just laughing, he goes “and there’s nothing you can do about it now!” *laughs* he’s a cute kid, he means that in a funny way, he’s just smiling, he says “I’m able to be with you all the time now”, both of you, all the time. 


To Patrick:

And you cry silently, he says. You just cry inwardly. Well sometimes you’ve cried out loud but nobody’s allowed to see it. And so he says “it’s okay Daddy”, and he just hugs you, and he had the sweetest hug too. The most intense, tight hug. Would he climb into bed in the morning just to get hugs from you? (No. Mostly just hugs from her. He was very attached to his Mom)


To me:

 When you swing around the corner, are you the first one he would come to? (Yes) Okay because that’s what he’s showing, like I come right around the corner, and that’s the first body I come to that’s there. And then you would pretend to be asleep, but he would know that you were awake, and he’s just laughing. He’s giving you all this because there’s no way I could have known any of this, and he’s just smiling. He goes, and he’s saying that he got you here. Like there was a special way that he got you my name, or the other side guided this to make, almost in the last nano-second of something. Something caught your eye. (Yes, because I wasn’t going to.) Right, but there’s something that caught your eye, did you see on FB, or on something catches your eye… (No, I don’t know what it was. I just figured since I grew up around here, and I had friends that told me about you a long time ago, and I was like eh nah I’m not going to go, then I decided why not, maybe for valentines day that can be our gift to one another) Which it is, and this is out of love…and has part of his room not been touched? Or things not been moved? (Yes) And so, if I’m laying in his bed is there a window right there *reaches beside him* (Right next to it, yes) Because he’s showing that. He says “I just miss your smell, I miss smelling the both of you”. He goes “I can be with you and I can know what you’re feeling but I can’t smell you, I can’t feel you in that way” but he says “I get to feel you in all the other ways, even in what you’re thinking”. And then you guys get scared, what if something happens to the other ones? And you get really scared. Do you have 2 or 1? (We have 2 others here still) Yeah okay because he does this *holds up 2 fingers* he shows me 2. And you get nervous about it, you’re almost like hypersensitive, like be careful doing this and that, and he says “it’s okay”. 


Are you near the corner? Your house, is it near a corner? (No) Or nearing the end of a road? (No) Where you’re staying here, is it near a corner? (Yes, on a corner, that is.) Okay because I’m looking out the window, and I can see that. Are you guys on the second floor of the house? (Where we’re staying now, yes.) Okay, because I’m looking out the window. He’s just with you, he wants to let you know that “I’m with you guys, I can see that all, I’m there, just so you know I’m in every one of your thoughts, always.” 


To Patrick:

You talk to him when you’re driving, don’t you? (Yes) He says, “you do it in here, and you do it out loud”, and he goes “I can hear everything that you’re saying”. But he says “I can hear you” especially on longer drives, he goes “I can hear that”. You know, I wonder what you would have turned into, I wonder, you were good at this and you were good at that, so I think you would have done…he goes “I can hear that all” it’s like you’re thinking out loud. And, did you get mad at God at one point? Because he says “I can hear that” it was almost like this happened *holds up middle finger* (Yes), he said. And he said “I can see that, but God didn’t get mad, God doesn’t get mad. God understands and it’s okay.”. 


He says “this brings” you were already close together, but he says “this brings everyone closer together”, and he says “I would rather be there with you” but he says “this has helped you also to talk more about what you’re feeling”. He goes “when you get here, I’m going to be bigger than you” he says “you know”, he means more advanced. And he says “but that’s okay” he goes “I’ll be a good teacher” he says. He’s very spiritual in nature where he is, and he’s helped *Armand gets emotional* he’s helping other children….he’s showing me the children that he’s helping, he’s giving them hope, and it’s like refugee children, along those lines, and trying to come into their dreams and into their thoughts to give them courage to carry on. Those are the words being given to me. It’s just beautiful what I’m seeing. So it’s more out of being able to see it and feel it more than anything. He says “they put me to work” he says “I feel strong and I feel powerful” he says. And he loves you more than anything.


To me:

He says, were you the tickle monster? *laughs* (Yes) He says “I miss that, I miss that”, and he goes “you would make everything calm, and then you would start tickling me” *laughs* (Yes, I’m the silly one) He goes “because I thought it was safe and then it wasn’t”. And he’s just thanking you. 


Do you guys have a lot of windows in your bedroom, because he’s showing me a lot of windows around, and light coming in. (Yes) 


What other questions do you have for him?

Patrick- Did we make all the right decisions? 

Yes, every single one yeah. Everything was predestined as to what was going to happen after it happened, it was all planned out of what was going to be anyway. And you guys did and said things that were scripted almost, choreographed, as to what would need to happen and how it would need to go down. But you made proper and right choices, because the body just wouldn’t have, it couldn’t, it wouldn’t have been able to continue, there was just no way. 


You know it’s funny, he doesn’t really see exactly the way that he passed. It’s kind of not needed for him to know. So I’m trying to pull it from him, to get it, but I don’t know that they’ve really given that to him yet. Because they think it’s too startling for him, is what’s being said. It’s too much. 


Did you play with him in a stream, in a brook? (We did go somewhere like that, at the nature park Logan loves.) He says “I go there all the time”. Was there a rock that was very flat there? (Yes, I think so. That’s funny because our oldest had a dream that she was there playing with him again.) He plays there, and there’s a flat rock, it’s pretty cool. And he says “I go there a lot”. He’s allowed to play with her there, real or imagined. Real, or imagined, or she’s able to astrotravel there to be there with him. (There are a lot of dreams we have all had that are very real, different than usual dreams) And he says “they’re real”, when they are in color and they feel like you’re there, he goes “you were there” (and you can physically feel him) he goes “you’re there”. This is the gift that is given to all of you as like a transitional piece. There will be a point in time when that fades as the necessity as the pacification needs to not be there as much, they’re saying. He’s almost telling me that, but his guides are telling me that behind him. Right, right. That’s all real he said, and “enjoy it” he says, “because I know that I do”. Is he a picky eater? (No) Because he’s just showing me all this food…I don’t know if he’s allowed to eat where he is, but I think he’s given that ability to have that sensation, because it’s so important for him to have. He’s just smiling, he’s good, he’s got his wings if you will. And it’s just interesting how today happened with the heart and him being in the middle, in the center of that heart, where the crook comes in or the divot comes in, and how both sides are supporting him. He’s in safe hands, he’s okay, he’s okay. I can’t breath when it comes to him and his passing, I can’t breath. It’s immediate, I can’t breath. How did he pass? I have to ask you, because he’s not…(It was a brain tumor), he says “I can’t breath”. Was this something that was one of the last pieces to happen? (Yes. That was the last thing to go, the breathing was a difficulty and that same day he was put on morphine) He just says it was quick, it was like *whoosh* when he passes. It’s just quick. (So he wasn’t scared?) No. He talks about falling asleep, he says it’s like less and less air, and he already felt kind of sedated, and he says “I just go to sleep”. I still don’t know that he knows what that all is, I just don’t know that they’ve explained it as simple as that all is. But that just that he goes to sleep. (We never told him details either, just that he was sick.) Alright, okay maybe that’s what it is (Yeah, because he didn’t know, we never told him because of his age specifically what was wrong) That’s probably the best. Yeah, probably the best way to do that. He’s bringing up a, did you guys give him a pill? (Yes) I’m not a medical doctor, but it begins with a “T” is what’s being given to him. Tar…something…something with a T, Tar…something being given. There’s not even time for losing of weight, and he’s talking about the headache he got, something with a dizziness and headache that he would get that was just, just hurt…Decadron (Yes, Decadron). *Armand grabs his head and rubs his temples as the word Decadron came to him*. Decadron, that was the name of the medication? (Yes, that was the steroid) 


To me:

He called you Mommy? Because I can hear “it hurts Mommy”. 


It’s like you guys are all misty when I look at you, and the other side is here. So it’s just me letting them use me, but I can’t remember things. I’m like the conduit. 

They’re telling me this is the primary reason why the both of you are here. Were you thinking of having another child? (Yeah…I would, but I don’t think we will.) I’m not saying that this is clad, and this would be it, but that’s also another way for him to come back through again. But it’s not a promise thing or anything like that, but it’s feasible that he can come back through. (Yeah, I was wondering how that works, can people be born again to live again…) Yeah honestly, yeah absolutely. It isn’t one and done, I’ve felt that all along, there’s kind of a recycling that happens. It’s kind of like sometimes people have to repeat a grade, sometimes people go “oh I want to see what’s in the next class, these are the things I want to take, these are the things I want to study, that I can’t really get here on the other side per say, it takes first hand ability to do that. And sometimes it rescues the people and helps carry the family forward, I’ve seen that happen so often. Like the movie about the dog, that got reincarnated. (My Mom just told me about that movie and said I should see it) So it’s kind of like that, they get to come back again. I’ve seen that happen over and over and over again. You see my logo *it’s a spiral* in the center is the higher knowledge, but we work on trying to move towards the center lifetime after lifetime, moving toward the center. That’s really what Heaven is about, that’s what here is about, because everything is growth. Everything is growth. 


To me:

Did you sleep with an article of his clothing? (Yes. I have ever since he passed away) Okay because that’s what he’s bringing up. That you hold that tight, and that you smell it, and you still smell him. Take some of the clothes and ziplock back it so you can keep it, because that’s important to you, it’s like no body touch anything. When you’re ready, you’re not crazy. Just when you’re ready. It will all not be as intense, but it’s yesterday that this happened…and it will feel like yesterday for quite some time. It’s what you’re consumed….there’s even an item in the refrigerator that was his (Yes, there’s still stuff in there) There’s stuff in there and you’re like I’m not taking that out of there, I don’t want to. When you’re ready you will. 


Did he play music? (No) Or listen to it a lot, because I hear music behind him. (Yes, he liked to dance) Did he do that with the TV in front of him? (Yes, anything with sound, music he would dance to it, yeah) He’s a good energy. Do you guys have a fireplace and a TV above it? (Yes) Because that’s where I’m standing right now, watching it. And seeing him do it. (Yes, that’s where he would do it)…..he’s just showing me “let me show you, I’ll show you”. This is a gift you get to have from him, for you guys to have found someone that can bring him in so clear, this usually doesn’t happen, I’m talking about with other mediums out there. You don’t get this level of clarity, and you can’t google any of this. Is this a tall ceiling in that room? (Yes) Because I see, and he’s showing me to point me up and to look up. This is like the great room almost. He says “I’m here! I’m always here, I’m with you guys” he says. Do you have a dog that passed as well? (Yeah) He’s with the dog  and he’s doing this *pats chest 2x*, is this a male dog? (Yes) Because he’s doing this to the chest *pats chest again several times*. And he’s just looking at the dog in the face and kissing the dog in the face, you know just like look at me, you know. And they love each other a great deal, they really are like this together *crosses his fingers*. Does this dog tackle him ever? (No, he was old,  but he was always his dog) Because the dog gets to tackle him now, like the dog is younger and gets to tackle him. And is there a field or was there a field out back of your house, or nearby? (Yes, our backyard looks kind of like a field) Yeah, because he talks about just rolling with him. And are you into wild flowers? (He would pick them for me- they grew all over our backyard) Okay because he’s showing me wildflowers, and he wants to let you know “I AM HERE, I AM HERE”. And he talks about Daddy crying on the inside big right now, but that he doesn’t let it out, but he has a lot to do about it and it’s a cleansing in a good way. This has got to feel really good to have this happen. (Yes, because I feel like I always know he’s here, I am the one that always knows, I have proof he is always here) Yeah and you can feel it, you know it. I call the sense of knowing, hence The Knowing, because you just KNOW. Like you get it, you feel it, you have it there.


To me:

You were a FUN Mom, and still are. (Mmmhmm) Like BIG TIME. (I know I am, they always say I’m the most fun Mom in the whole world) Let’s make GOOP, let’s do this, let’s do that! Did you make GOOP with them? (Yeah, Playdoh, let’s bake etc) They’re just saying, your Guardian Angels are saying. 


What else do you want to know from him? (Does he know all the recent things that have been going on?) Yeah, certain things that have moved around, he can see that there’s movement and changes coming up in the future like a changing of tracks. Is there something like job wise, a changing of tracks that’s happening. (That’s been talked about for awhile.) They’re giving me a 12 when it comes to it, so I don’t know if it’s in the 12th month or a year from now. But changes could come about, you’re just really good at what you do and they also don’t want you to leave where you’re at because you’re too good at it. 


To me:

Were you thinking of homeschooling the kids? (Yes)


To Patrick:

Your guardian angels and guides want you to take care of yourself, because you don’t, at all. There’s already a plaque that’s built up in your system, and what you’re heading towards eventually, not now, is a stroke. I see it in the chambers, and I can also see it up in your corrotted, not a lot, but there’s some plaque built up and it’s yellowish and white is what they’re showing me. Did you have a murmur as a kid? (No) Because they’re showing me that it’s functioning okay right now but the more you abuse yourself in this way and medicate yourself in that way, the more that your furthering whats happening. Is there diabetes that runs in the background of this family? (Yes) Because they’re talking about that and they’re giving me a little “d” when it comes to you. You don’t quite have it, and it is avoidable is what they’re saying, it’s avoidable. You’re young get is what they’re saying. What’s 38 or March 8th? That’s interesting. It’s more of a March 8th. What’s on March 8th for you guys? (Nothing I can think of) Well it’s connected to the medical so make an appointment. Have you gotten a physical? (No, not recently.) Not recently?! It’s been a long time, what do you mean not recently?! You need to take a look at that, they’re just saying you need to get down to protein and vegetable, you need to do that because they need you *pointed at me*. And they’re showing paralysis on your left side when it happens. (Great, bad stuff is going to happen to him and I’m going to grow old) He can change. But you got to change and get more verbal and less medicating yourself, because you’ll polish off a sleeve of something, and it’s silver the sleeve, isn’t it, it’s a silver sleeve. (Yes, Pringles) You’ll polish it off, they’re showing me that. Do you keep it in the car on the side there? (I have before, yes) They’re telling you to STOP THAT. And the drive ups you do. You need to change this. Has your vision been blurrier lately? (No) Hmm, interesting. You need to make the change now.


To me:

YOU are the opposite on the other hand. Like totally. Not that she’s good and you’re bad, I don’t mean it like that. I’m not playing favorites, but they’re kind of scanning through you and you know, you are that book with the vitamins to know what’s healthy and what’s not, what’s right and what’s wrong. 


To Patrick:

You have reflux? (Yes) Ah…So what’s important is to work on it. And they’re bringing that up and that there’s a coughing that happens (Yes). You really really need to heed the warning of it, don’t give your body a reason to create cancer, to create diabetes. 


It’s not your fault, but what happens to him comes from more of the genetics on your side of the family, because you have it more on your side than she does on hers. It’s not about fault and blame, but they want you to take care of you. They need you is what they’re saying. You should see how everyone on the other side is going like this “drive it home! tell him this tell him that!” *laughs*


To me:

But you’re okay. You’re alright on your side, your’e okay.


Lymes disease, you need to be careful of, and with the kids. They’re just putting up a warning signs with that. To be careful. Has anyone been exposed to that in the family? (That’s weird, because just a couple days ago I found a tick on Aria and it just started biting her and I got it off) Right, keep a watch on her for fever or achiness. I think she’s okay though, she’s not bitten in such a vascular area. (We do live in an area with a lot of trees so there are ticks where we live) Yeah, be really vigilant with that, all of you.



What should we do about my parents?

Are they onto of everything? Like right there? Do this do that etc. They’re talking about this is a lesson for you to learn your own individualism and it’s okay to say no, thank you but. And you’re afraid of hurting them and disappointing them, and your Mom is the ringleader of this (Probably). Yeah. And it’s okay to say no. Have they been helping you financially or otherwise? (No) They might in the future, I don’t know, they’re bringing that up. Just to thy own self be true, take care of you. Do what you need to do, they need to know that you set your boundaries, your healthy boundaries. Only do what is good for you, and she’s not going to like it. (Right) I think that’s the biggest thing…are they controlling? (Yes) Do they live near you? (About 4hrs away) That’s close. Um…they’re just saying to take care of you, say no. But you cave in a lot easier, and then they look at you *looks to me* as the bad one, like you’re the problem. So when you talk with them you need to say “both of us have decided” it’s always “BOTH of us” so it doesn’t sound like it’s her, so you save your own neck, but really you’re digging her in deeper then they think she’s the B and you’re the good one. (Exactly) I’m just saying. That will help.



What does Logan think about his parents? 

He has nothing negative to say. (Come on) No they don't, on the other side there’s so much love there that they really just (They don’t worry about that stuff) No they don’t. He’s almost like “what do you mean Mommy?”. He can feel stuff but it’s not like that to him. He’s being taught that the philosophy of it is that all us little brains have to figure it out as they work on themselves. There’s a movie called “Defending your Life” that’s a comedy and also has some truth to it, that you might want to rent. 



Just because some of the last memories he has of them are bad ones, of them treating me badly in front of him.

He doesn’t have that, because he sees the bigger picture of it, that they need to learn too and they need to grow too. It’s like they need their own time out. 



So do they let go of those bad memories when they pass away?

They have them but they don’t dwell on it. It’s like you know something bad happened, you can bring it up, but it’s always about staying in the positive. And staying in the love and staying in the what can I do about it, how can I help this person from this point out of the ditch, help you out of what you’re stuck in. I would say that’s the focus of the other side in it’s entirety really when it comes to us, because there’s no resentments that are held. Oh I didn’t like it when they did that, I mean he didn’t, and nobody did, but how can I bring them closer together. And there may be another tragedy that actually unfortunately brings everyone closer together when it comes to them. Not in your world but maybe in theirs. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but things like that do happen, where everyone pulls together in that way. 



And can you tell if our other kids will not have these health issues to worry about, they will grow up?

It feels like they won’t have the health issues, it’s almost like an anomaly when it comes to him, like it’s like a rogue cell if you will. It’s more of genetic issue at the time of conception as the cells duplicate and grow, the radicalness of it, really than anything else. So they really seem to stave that off and be okay, and also you feed them really well so. They’re okay. They’ll have their lives hurdles that they’ll go through but you’ll be right there to help them through. And they say for you to continue to talk with them and not at them. And you do, and that’s why they say to continue, you do a good job of it. No body battles you because they don’t need to because you explain it to them. 



So I’m going to grow old and be sticking around forever?

Uh, yeah, yeah. You will be. There’s some hurtles and things, but you’ll get through it. It’s just part of being human but you get through it. But THIS one here *points to Patrick* has to work on himself. It’s not me, I’m telling you, it’s the other side. I sit here thinking oh no they’re going to think it’s me doing it, but it’s not me it’s them. 

Armand Egidi


On February 17th, 2017 we were in New Jersey visiting my Mom. With Valentine's Day just having passed, a day we never pay much attention to, my husband and I decided we would go see a Medium as our gift to one another. This Medium, Armand Egidi, was one that had been recommended to me after our son Logan passed away, by numerous friends and acquaintances, claiming him to be authentic and with a true gift. I'm not even sure exactly what made me think to go at all, but since he's located in the town I grew up in, we figured why not. We had such a great experience at the Monica the Medium event that previous October, that we both knew first hand that some people on this Earth truly do have the gift of being able to see, hear, and speak with those on the other side. What happened at our joint reading with Armand was beyond what we expected. He connected us with people we hadn't thought of for years, with details, messages, specifics that literally no one else knew, things my husband and I had not even told one another about.

What I especially loved about our experience is that Armand is not only available to do personal readings (unlike Monica), and is very much authentic (like Monica), but he also allows and encourages you to voice record the entire reading. Unfortunately at the Monica event we attended she did not allow any recording. He also does in-person appointments, or via Skype. 

I shared our entire reading below, for anyone interested in what we experienced. Life is about learning and sharing what we experience along the way as a means to help others on their own journey. Maybe you too suffered a loss so great, as we have, and are looking for comfort, healing, and evidence of our souls everlasting. I always believed in God, Heaven, and our souls living forever, but I can honestly say my experience with 2 Mediums has solidified my Faith that much more. Those 2 experiences turned my skeptical husband into a believer, which says a lot. 


If you're read this far and are interested in our experience, or considering a Medium reading, we can attest to Armand's authenticity. After sharing our experience, several of my friends also have gone to Armand for a reading and left better than when they went in. 

Messages that changed and saved

my husband's life...


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